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            Application for the CCC Certification


            產品類別/Product sort:


            China Quality Certification Centre


            1.1認證委托人名稱/Name of Applicant:                                          

            1.2 付款人名稱、地址/Name 、Address of Payer:                           

            1.3認證委托人地址、郵編/Address and post code of Applicant:                    

            1.4證書郵寄地址、郵編/Address and post code of certificate mailing:                                                                                 

            批準書/各類通知書郵寄地址、郵編/Address and post code of approving for change of certification or notice of suspension, withdrawal, cancellation or resumption:                                                           

            1.5 組織機構代碼:

            1.6聯系人/Contact Person:    

            1.7電話/ Telephone:                               



            1.10移動電話/Mobile phone: 

            2. 代理機構或中國辦事處/Name of Agent or office in China:

            2.1 代理機構/中國辦事處名稱/ Name of Agent or office in China:               

            2.2 聯系人/Contact Person:    

            2.3電話/ Telephone:



            2.6移動電話/Mobile phone: 

            3. 生產者(制造商)/Manufacturer(where the equipment is produced):

            3.1生產者(制造商)名稱/Name of Manufacturer:                                                     

            3.2生產者(制造商)地址/Address of Manufacturer:                                   

            3.3聯系人/Contact Person:

            3.4 電話/ Telephone:                             

            3.5 傳真/Fax:

            3.6 電子郵件/E-mail:                   

            3.7移動電話/Mobile phone: 

            4. 生產企業/Factory(where the equipment is produced):

            4.1生產企業名稱/Name of factory:                                          

            4.2生產企業地址、郵編/Address and post code of factory:                      

            4.3聯系人/Contact Person:   


            4.5電話/ Telephone:    


            4.7移動電話/Mobile phone: 

            4.8工廠編號/Factory Number:

            5.產品類別/ product  Sort:                                                   

            6.產品名稱/ Name of the production:                                          

            7. 型號和規格 /Model and specification:                                     

            8. 產品商標/Trade mark :                                

            9.產品認證依據/Standards of product certification:                                   

            10.請選擇所申請的認證模式Please Choose Certificate Mode(必要時請與產品受理工程師協商):   

            10.1 初始工廠檢查+產品抽樣檢測+獲證后監督/Product sample test + Factory inspection + Follow up inspection after being certificated

             方式一:初始工廠檢查、產品抽樣+產品檢測  □

             Mode 1: First Factory inspection, Product sample + sample test

             方式二:產品抽樣+產品檢測、初始工廠檢查 □       

            Mode 2: Product sample + sample test, First Factory inspection

            10.2 型式試驗+符合性聲明+獲證后監督□/Type Testing of the Product + Conformance announce + Follow up inspection after being certificated.

            11. 申請CCC認證同時,是否申請CB測試證書/If to apply CB Certificate When apply CCC Certification:

            □是/Yes             □否/No

            12. 說明生產企業是否有同類產品獲得過CCC證書,如果有,請列出證書編號。/Please indicate if the factory has ever obtained CCC certificates, if the answer is yes, then list the certificate No:

            13、請選擇本次申請的獲證模式/Please choose the certification type of this application:  £普通類型/Normal   £OEM   £ODM   £其他利用已獲證書結果/by other granted certification

            A.選擇本次申請的獲證模式為“ODM”,出現下面兩個選項/Two choices will appear if ODM is selected as the certification type:

            £ 本次申請擬利用ODM生產企業已有CCC證書的結果to use the granted CCC certification of ODM manufacturer    選擇此項顯示:請正確填寫ODM生產企業已有CCC證書(初始認證證書)的證書號/it is required to provide the correct CCC certification number (initial certification) of ODM manufacturer             

            £ 作為ODM初始認證證書持證人身份申請/to apply as the holder of ODM initial certificate

            B.如果選擇本次申請的的獲證模式為“其他利用已獲證書結果”/by other granted certification  則出現如下界面: 請正確填寫擬利用的已獲證書結果的證書號/it is required to provide the granted certificate number             

            C.如果選擇本次申請的獲證模式為“OEM”,選擇此項顯示:請正確填寫相關聯的OEM證書號/Please provide the relevant OEM certificate number if OEM is selected as the certification type of this application:             

            注:若原獲證產品的關鍵項目發生變更(如規格、結構、關鍵原材料/元器件及其供應商變更)時,本ODM產品也應隨之變更并辦理變更手續。原產品未涉及上述變更時,本產品也不能變更。/Note: If major items (such as type, structure, key material/components and their supplier) of certified products are changed, the ODM products shall change as well and it is required to take the change procedures. If changes of certified products don't involve the items mentioned above, the ODM products remain unchanged.


            申請編號/ Application No:


            認證委托人名稱/Name of Applicant:                                                 

            聯系人/Contact Person:       

            電話/ Telephone:               




            Commitment of Applicant


            We solemnly promise to abide by the following terms:

            1、本次認證申請的詳細內容與在中國質量認證(CQC)網頁上提交的申請內容完全一致, 詳細信息以CQC網頁上的申請內容為準;All content of this application is in complete consistency with the application submitted to China Quality Certification Centre  (CQC) on-line

            2、 遵守中國質量認證中心(CQC)的認證規則和程序;支付認證所需的申請,試驗, 工廠審查及其它有關的費用;妥善保管型式試驗報告、工廠檢查報告和認證變更確認等認證的相關資料,以備監督檢查使用;中國質量認證中心(CQC)將不承擔獲得產品合格認證的生產者(制造商)或銷售商應承擔的任何法律責任;/We declare that we will follow the rules and procedures of the CQC and make payment for the fees arising from the application, testing, inspection and other services, keep well type test report, factory inspection report, materials approving for change of certified product and relevant documents of certification in order to conduct the factory follow up inspection. China Quality Certification Center shall not bear any corresponding legal liabilities which should be assumed by Manufacturer and Seller with product certificate;

            3、所生產的本申請所涉及的產品符合申請認證產品的國家標準及其它相關標準或規定,我公司對此次聲明完全負責;/We declare with full responsibility that the relevant product(s) produced by our factory are in conformity with the GB standards and other standards or regulations;

            4、 始終遵守認證計劃的安排的有關規定;/we undertake to always comply with the relevant provisions of the certification programme;

            5、為進行評價作出必要的安排,包括審查文件、進入所有的區域、查閱所有的記錄(包括內部審核報告)和評價所需人員(例如檢驗、檢查、評定、監督、復評)和解決投訴的有關規定; /we undertake to make all necessary arrangements for the conduct of the evaluation, including provision for examining documentation and access to all areas, records (including internal audit reports) and personnel for the purposes of evaluation (e.g. testing, inspection, assessment, surveillance, reassessment ) and resolution of complaints;

            6、僅在獲準認證的范圍內作出有關認證的聲明;/we undertake to make claims regarding certification only in respect of the scope for which certification has been granted;

            7、在使用產品認證結果時,不得損害中國質量認證中心(CQC)的聲譽、不得做使中國質量認證中心(CQC)認為可能誤導或未經授權的聲明;/we undertake to not use our product certification in such a manner as to bring CQC into disrepute and do not make any statement regarding our product certification which CQC may consider misleading or unauthorized;

            8、當證書被暫?;虺蜂N時,應立即停止涉及認證內容的廣告,并按中國質量認證中心(CQC)要求交回所有認證文件;/we undertake to upon suspension or cancellation of certification, discontinue the use of all advertising matter that contains any reference thereto and return any certification documents as required by CQC;

            9、認證僅用于表明獲準認證的產品符合特定標準; /we undertake to use certification only to indicate that products are certified as being in conformity with specified standards;

            10、確保不采用誤導的方式使用或部分使用認證證書和報告; /we undertake to endeavour to ensure that no certificate or report nor any part thereof is used in a misleading manner;

            11、在傳播媒體中對產品認證內容的引用,應符合中國質量認證中心(CQC)的要求;/we undertake to in making reference to our product certification in communication media such as documents, brochures or advertising, comply with the requirements of CQC;

            12、此申請中的產品符合國家其它相關法律法規的要求后方可出廠銷售。/The product in this application can be sold only if it fully conforms to our country's laws and regulations.



            1、 認證委托人應將申請書寄受理部門。/The applicant should send the application to CQC product department.

            本申請受理部門/Product department:



            2、請用中、英二種文字填寫認證委托人、生產者(制造商)、生產企業和認證產品的名稱。/Please fill in the names of the applicant, factories and products in both Chinese and English.

            3、有關CQC產品認證的公開文件可通過上網獲取, 網址是http://www.cqc.com.cn/ /Published documents on CQC product certification can be acquired from CQC website:http://www.cqc.com.cn/

            4、如果申請CCC認證,同時也申請CB測試證書,請填寫完"認證委托人承諾"后,繼續填寫CB測試申請書。/If CB application applied at the same time with CCC application, please complete "Declaration of the Applicant" and then to fill in CB application form.

            5、CCC認證與CB認證同時申請時,生產者(制造商)必須相同。/If CCC certification and CB certification apply at the same time, the manufacturer of them must be the same.

            6、CB申請書以英文填寫為準,相同的內容可以復制。/The english content of CB application is admitted, the same contents of it can make duplicate.

            7、認證委托人獲證后有關證書注銷、暫停(恢復)、撤銷等重要信息,中國質量認證中心將以“通知書”形式按上述“認證委托人”信息中的內容以“掛號信”方式進行郵寄、告之。如持證人證書內容(認證委托人/生產者(制造商)/生產企業名稱、地址等)發生變化,請及時申請證書變更。除證書內容外,認證委托人/代理機構/生產者(制造商)/生產企業其他內容發生變化,請及時聯系受理工程師修改。/China Quality Certification Center will take in the form of “Notice” to notify certificate holder the information of cancellation, suspension (resumption), and withdrawal. The “Notice” will send by registered letter according to the address of applicant information. If there is any change on certificate contents (applicant/manufacturer/name or address of factory), please apply the certificate modification in time, except that, if the change on applicant/ agency/manufacturer/ factory, please contact with engineer in time.

            8、認證委托人獲證后有關證書注銷、暫停(恢復)、撤銷的信息,請登錄中國質量認證中心網站(http://www.cqc.com.cn)或認監網網站(http://www.cnca.gov.cn)進行查詢。同時認證委托人需將證書注銷、暫停(恢復)、撤銷的信息及時通知與之相關的生產者(制造商)、生產企業,并按照強制性產品認證的相關規定執行。/The certificate holder can land on China Quality Certification Center website (www.cqc.com.cn) or Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China website (www.cnca.gov.cn) to get the information on certificates cancellation, suspension (resumption) and withdrawal. In addition, the applicant should notice the related manufacturer or factory the information of certificates cancellation, suspension (resumption) and withdrawal, and comply with related CCC requirements.

            9、獲證后,請認真核對證書信息,如有疑義,請在獲證后15個工作日內向受理部門提出申訴。/ Please verify the information on the certificate after being certified. If there is any problem, please appeal to the complaint department within 15 working days after being certified.

            認證委托人授權簽章/ Signature authorized by the applicant:

            年/Year     月/Month      日/Date




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