I don't want the whole world to know-Tan Hong Ming

It's not any tip on making money instead I give you an advertisement from Petronas, due to Malaysia 50th Celebration of Independent.

Why this ad? Because it's so sweet and make me laugh every time I watch it.Kids are so sweet because they are so innocence and pure. Plus they tell no lies

His teeth remind me when I was young, same rabbit teeth but my girlfriend at that time prettier than Umi Qazrina hehe :). Those old days, of course I have what we call "love crush", I am just too shy at that time. So, just  a secret admirer.So Tan Hong Ming is very lucky to confess it to the whole world hehe.

By laughing at this ad, hopefully you can relieve some stress and relax your mind. watching all the comments and read hundred of blogs can be be so exhausted. Some of us just barely sleep rite?


Researchers using ultrasound monitored the blood flow in the brachial artery in the arm of each volunteer. They found blood flow was reduced in 14 of the 20 participants after watching distressing movie clips and increased in 19 out of the 20 participants after watching clips that made them laugh. read more


So guys, you should thanks me because I just increase your blood flow :)

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