Charice Pempengco - so amazing

I stumbled this gifted kid from Text Unlimited blog. Her voice is sooo...

You just need to see the video, believe me

If you still not amaze, call me ok :)

I will give you a cotton butt


I must say this 15-year-old Filipina sings better than Jennifer Hudson of DreamGirls. Her popularity has now reached US at some level. And Ellen DeGeneres even wanted her on the Ellen Degeneres Show (watch out for that episode this December). For those who haven't seen Charice on YouTube because you're so busy texting, here's a video of Cha guesting on Star King (a sort of "Korea's Got Talent" show).

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Joy0z berkata…'re also fan of my bet. I like her ever since the beginning she joined the contest in Phils and when I heard her voice. It seems that you just found my tag for you. hehe its not usual to tag a guy friend blogger. Continue voting i'm getting close to it!Ciao!
Tanpa Nama berkata…
That girl is great at yelling but not singing. Ask her to sing without yelling and she won't be able to do it. She isn't good enough for the US viewers, otherwise she would already have gotten a US recording contract. haha She will never get one. There are thousands of singers in the US or even in the Philippines that can sing with out yelling. That crap is annoying!!!
lankapo berkata…
that is not nice
she shud enter American Idol
rite Joy?