Why I hate Celcom Ad

ini wilayah celcom

You can see John Terry running and kicking ball, destroying a few buildings. What kind of ad is this? You try to convince people to use your product by looking at these fellow kicking and heading ball. Come on guys.

Why spend hundred thousand just to get these super star kicking ball to bait user to use your product.So lame. Its like watching soccer ad, I think viewer want to buy Jersey, boot or ball that Terry use.

The funny thing is, Terry don't even hold a mobile phone HAHAH :)

Can you just follow DIGI

  • simple
  • direct to the point
  • even small kid know this song
  • love the mascot
  • this is what we called great advertising

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Unknown berkata…
hehe.. and that s why i dont use celcom 3g (the rm68 plan). teruk betul "connection" masa tu. Sekarang ni tak pasti laa samada dah stabil atau apa. Digi edge pun edge laa walaupun 2.5G jer.. Janji stabil dan senang lepas semua.. huhuhu
lankapo berkata…
elo rizal,

haha servise aku tak chek plak pasal aku pakai Maxis dari dulu lagi. Ingat nak tukar dah, tak tukar sampai skrg.

3G kat mana2 pun tak stabil melainkan bandar besar, kalau kat kampung-kampung mintak maaf lah yer :)